Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for Better Insulating and Energy Savings

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Note: does not include wire products, rebar or bracing

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We will NOT sell our products to the “do it yourself” builder.

If you are not a construction professional, and simply want to build a home with the inherent advantages implicit in ICF construction, we WILL try to arrange for the erection of the exterior walls by one of our builder-distributors at a guaranteed per square foot of wall cost.

Experience has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ICF construction should not be undertaken without prior experience.

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Maine Source is very excited to present ICF Foundations as part of our modular home packages.

What are the Advantages of ARXX ICF?

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form.

Instead of using wood forms to mold the concrete foundation for your home, we use ARXX X-web form. This unique product consists of a reinforced concrete core sandwiched between two layers of expanded polystyrene foam insulation.

This provides the homeowner with not only a signficant savings in your overall energy costs, but also a reduction in drafts and humidity problems, as well as providing a solid-to-solid attachment for any finishing material (like drywall, siding or brick ties).

What's more, the insulation is fire resistant, giving you one more layer of protection.

Insulated Concrete Forms Save Energy Costs

Estimates based on a 28' x 48' Ranch style home with an average energy usage of $2,683 per year (with no foundation insulation and usage of 41.5 kBtu/hr). R22 ICF – 30%, $1889, design load to 24.8kBtu/hr

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ARXX ICF Foundation

Utilizing an ICF foundation is an easy way to do your part for helping reduce America's dependence on foreign fuels and greenhouse gas emmissions which helps everyone.